Saturday, December 10, 2011

TXF Board in the RGV Part 3: Meeting & Reading

by guest blogger Moira Porter

Sunday morning we awoke and gathered to share a scrumptious breakfast of quiche from City Cafe (McAllen) and fresh fruit.  A brief board meeting gave us an opportunity to discuss fundraising scholarships for young people accepted to UT Austin's College of Fine Arts that would be matched dollar for dollar by the college. 

We welcomed Rita and Beto Conde to the house and settled in for a special reading by the author of the recently published America Down By the River, a collection of short stories and poems by Beto Conde.  Beto's reading took us back in time to El Jardin, a barrio of San Benito, in the 1950s where young boys growing up in the between space of Mexican homes and Anglo schools are mesmerized by the mystery and knowingness of the way the world is, as explained by Chencho the pachuco.  We felt the lush chill deadliness of a single-file line in a Vietnamese jungle.  And were brought back to humanity with Los Vecinos, where the antics Don Bruno arriving home in the middle of the night interrupt a young boy's sleep, and Brownie the German Shepherd, plays a critical comedic role.  With hugs all around, we get on the road. Hasta luego.  Nos vemos. - Moira

Moira Porter is Chairperson of Texas Folklife’s Board of Directors

We really did come to work: we held a board meeting.  Really.

Beto Conde shares his collection of short stories.

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